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One of Biz Tecno’s values is Listening.  We refrain from straightaway jumping into action. It’s part of our process to work through several sessions with the client to understand all requirements, hear about pain points and align on expectations.

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Time spent at this phase ensures we provide a solution that is not just functional at deployment but future-ready as your business grows.


This is the stage where the requirements take up a more tangible shape. We build the wireframes, define the user stories and slice them down into release cycles to ensure we deliver something measurable for our clients to review and reform.

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This stage matures through designing the UI and UX of the software or product and slowly transitions into a more advanced stage before the actual development begins. We believe in function over form – giving emphasis to the features, utility, and micro-details ease of use.


Once approved, the designs move to the coding stage here. The mock ups take the shape of a workable software. All the nuances of development, functionality, scenarios etc are taken into consideration.

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Development is the longest and most critical phase of the software life cycle, and we emphasize code quality and architecture to ensure scalability and stability ahead. Our competitive edge lies in successfully integrating the most complex functionalities across different applications.


This is the stage where industry-upheld processes such as CI/CD and DevOps add to our efficiencies in bug tracking and fixing and ensuring a smooth deployment. We effectively manage an error-free and timely delivery.

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Our expert testing teams run several automated tests and scripts to ensure there is no bug leakage, and the product turns out flawless. Depending upon the nature of the software, we employ a variety of testing practices ranging from regression testing to security testing.


This step focuses on release, repeat, and growth. Our commitment continues in:

  •  Keeping your application updated.
  • Troubleshooting any issues that come along the way.
  • Meeting the growing expectations of your business.
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We take an end-to-end responsibility towards ensuring the highest quality of code and its upkeep when the application rolls into the market. Our extended support makes your life easy – and that’s our core purpose.