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Welcome to Biz Tecno!

Biz Tecno is a Software Company specialising in Enterprise Web Solutions, Cloud ERP Solutions and Mobile Applications for medium and large enterprise with a talented& experienced team of developers, quality analysts, designers, consultants and marketing specialists.

We are Inviting Applications for Internships and Training Programs here along with pre-placement offers.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The internship would be free of cost if you know the basics of the Technology or Domain. If you want to start from scratch, then it will cost INR 10,000 for 6 months.
2. There will be no stipend for 6 months, but you have to be present for atleast 6-8 hours in the office
3. You have to carry your own laptops for the period of 6 months
4. If you start becoming productive in the course of 6 months, then the stipend will start-of in between
5. There will be a review process after 6 months, based on which the Employment Offers will be given to the eligible ones